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ERC Basic Qualifications

The Employee Retention Credit empowers eligible businesses with a refundable tax credit to overcome COVID-19 challenges, retain their employees, and reinvest for a stronger and more resilient future.

Full or Partial Suspension of Operations

A Federal, State, or Local government shutdown order affected your business’ ability to operate in 2020 or 2021

Gross Revenue Reduction

Gross Revenues or Gross Receipts during 2020 and 2021 declined on a quarterly basis versus 2019

Recovery Startup Business

Business was started after Feb 15, 2020 and annual gross revenue was less than $1,000,000

Did your CPA say you don’t qualify for the ERC?

We’re happy to work with your CPA. A decline in revenue may not be required.


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Did your business have 5 or more W2 employees at some point during 2020 and 2021?

How does claiming the ERC with us work?

We will help you identify how much you qualify for and do all the heavy lifting including filing your ERC with the IRS.
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Our experts analyze your business’ existing financials. We do all the work.
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Our expert team works to get you the most refund you qualify for
In depth financial review
Proprietary algorithm based on IRS tax code
Decades of experience in finance, accounting, payroll, and tax credits
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We create the necessary IRS filings and review them with you for final sign-off.
Ensure your return is processed quickly and correctly
Large team to work with your busy schedule
Diligent quality control and accuracy check process
Step 4


Your filings are submitted to the IRS and your ERC cash refund is delivered to your bank account
Checks are mailed from the IRS in about 6 months
Options for an ERC refund advance may be available
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We did not think the ERC program applied to our business.  After working with Accelerate Tax we received $361,790.  My advice to other businesses is, just call Accelerate Tax!

Sophie K.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the ERC?

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a refundable tax credit and not a loan. It is a stimulus program created by Congress to compensate businesses that retained employees during COVID. The program is complex, but many businesses are eligible, even if they had a PPP loan.

What is my maximum possible ERC Credit?

Your business may qualify for a maximum of $26,000 per employee, but most businesses do not qualify for the full amount. We can help your business get the highest refund possible.

When will I receive my refund check?

It can take anywhere from several months to over a year to receive your refund check. We can help your business get your refund immediately, however. Be sure to ask one of our specialists how.

My revenues did not drop during COVID - am I still eligible?

Yes. You may be eligible if you were affected by a partial or complete government shutdown. You may also be eligible due to a decline in quarterly revenue. There are many ways to qualify, and we can help your business maximize your ERC.

Can I get my refund check immediately?

If your business qualifies for our advance payment option, you could receive your refund check within a few days.

How does it work?

After our CPAs prepare the filing, the IRS sends out a physical check in the mail. That’s it!

How can this program help my business?

Our team focuses exclusively on helping businesses maximize their ERC tax refunds. Eligible businesses can also receive their tax refunds upfront without waiting.

Why haven't I heard of this?

Unlike the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), most banks and financial institutions are not participating, and many accountants are excluded because of the complexity for determining qualification and credit size

If I received a PPP Loan, can I still qualify?

Even if your business received a PPP loan, you may still be eligible for ERC. PPP loan forgiveness may reduce the size of your ERC in certain quarters, depending on the amount forgiven and other payroll information.  Our CPAs are experts in maximizing your ERC.

Can I use my own accountant?

The ERC guidelines created by the IRS are over 200 pages long and have changed many times. Our CPAs specialize in the ERC and can help clients receive 15-25% more money than other firms.